The Waitress Came By with a Refill

My glass is now closer to full.

I found out last Friday that I’d been nominated for my campus’ “Students Choice for Teaching Excellence” Award.

This came as a nice surprise and a pleasant end to an otherwise unpleasant week. I was at my department meeting that day, so I promptly forgot about it until yesterday, when I happened to pass by the table where students were collecting votes. I saw the sheet with my fellow campus colleague-nominees and thought, “Wow, I’m in good company.”

Today, I found out that I didn’t win. Doesn’t matter. I got to read the nomination letters (there were 2).

Suffice to say, I once again sat in my office crying–but this time it was for a good reason. One letter said that I (and my classes) had been “life-changing.” The other said that I’d given him/her confidence to stand up for what s/he believes in.

These are the reasons I got into education. To make a difference, and to help people change their lives for the better.

I’m filing those letters away with the other cards and notes I’ve gotten over the last 16 years–not a ton, certainly, but enough. Enough to keep me going, and enough to keep me from going around the bend.

The clock has been rewound. Thank heaven.


Oh, and my youngest child is finally starting to use the big potty, so that’s another bright spot in my life. Cup runneth over, really.


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