Life with Chickens, S1, E8: Spring Has Finally Sprung


I know, in other parts of my state, that there is still a foot or more of snow (some of it from May 1st) on the ground, but here, today, the grass is green, the birds are singing, and the chickens are roaming the yard.

It was a hard winter, in a number of ways. In February I was very ill from a huge (6.5mm) kidney stone. About a week after my surgery, I went out to feed, water, and check on the chickens, and only counted four. When I looked under the roost, I saw Buffy partly frozen to the floor. No idea what happened, but we have not had any other problems with the others.

Problems with my back have also escalated, making it hard to do much of anything physical. Or mental, given that Percocet makes my brain feel like it’s been dipped in molasses. I’ve had several injections and radio frequency ablation (nerve block) but it’s not helping much. This means that the bulk of the bull work has been taken up by Tony, and I feel guilty, since the gardening and the chickens are my idea but he ends up doing the tilling and the weeding.

All that aside, it’s sunny and warm here now, and I can do my grading in a chair on the deck, pausing to watch my chickens wander around the yard.


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