Yet Another Re-Start

This blog has once again languished because I have not devoted enough time or energy to it–though I have purchased a Moleskine datebook and have been trying to keep up in it, I have fallen behind there as well, due to the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts  in Orlando followed by spring break in Venice, Florida. Both were full of adventures and fun, and are already fading in my memory as I returned to work on Monday and have still not got caught up with my duties (grading, providing feedback, and placement of 21 incoming students).

Because this year is going to be one of big changes (though not the changes I thought, certainly: building a small house is on hold thanks to the looming $300 million in budget cuts the UW System is facing) I decided in December to keep better track for myself.

I intend to use the blog this month to help me stay on top of National Poetry Month.  I’ve been disconnected from my art in an ongoing effort to conserve what little energy I can muster, given chronic pain and migraines–I need my job, so most of my energy goes there. (I also love my job, so the placement of my life force is not misplaced, usually.)

I am committing myself to writing something every day. Doing so publicly (even given the small audience this blog has) may keep me working.

vincent-van-gogh-paintings-from-arles-7Vincent Van Gogh, Peach Tree in Blossom at Arles, 1888


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