Backstage, City Winery, Chicago

Backstage, City Winery, Chicago
(For Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets)

Nearly a dozen glitter girls
paste ruby pasties in place
Laughter of women comparing tassels
shades of lipstick and curves

Here a stretch shifts weight lightly
from foot to foot
back muscles sliding under red silk
blue peacock kimono

A black brocade corset
dark curls slithering down shoulders
The air sparkles over scatters
of motorcycle boots and winter coats

All brunettes but one honey pint blonde
carefully placing fishnetted feet
amid the rustle of feathers and beads
arms drifting like seagrass

Before SNAP 6-7-8

Second draft 15 April 2015
First draft 13 February 2015
At one point before the show, I looked up and saw silver and gold glitter filtering through the track lights–all of the women were glowing.

The next morning, it was on my pillowcase, in my hair, in my husband’s handlebar mustache.

Big Sexy Show indeed.


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